legant Imagez by Christian Michael has a unique dramatic photography style. You will see that in our photographs.   Christian Michael has an eye for color and perspective.  He ensures  he captures as many of your special moments as possible.  This  includes the details and settings you created for your event and guest.


*Elegant Imagez By Christian Michael, LLC offers couples four (4) wedding photography packages.

Our Offerings

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  • Payment Plans

    Our general plan is 25% down to reserve your date, 50% 60 days prior to your event and the other 25% on delivery.  Yes, we accept full payment and we also can make other payment arrangements to meet your needs.

  • 4 Unique Packages + Custom Packages Available

    We have 4 packages priced to give you the best value.  We also customize packages to fit your needs.  We are mindful of your budget.  We also bundle our packages to give you even greater savings.

  • Post Edit Dramatic Photo Edits

    This is an extreme manual process . You will select the photos you wish to apply this treatment to.   This may be cleaning the whites of eyes or teeth, smoothing over blemishes, applying vignette, resizing or cropping the size of the photo or other enhancements to highlight certain portions of the photo.  Modifications are at the discretion of the Editor and his/her visual interpretation of the photo.

  • Consultation

    Our initial consultation will help you decide on the packages that best suit your needs and budget. We help you to determine how we can best serve you.

  • Liability Insurance

    We provide 2 million dollars in insurance  to cover your venue in case of our equipment causes damage. A certificate is required by most venues. You will have ease of mind that we are insured.

  • Multiple Cameras

    We shoot with multiple cameras at different angles. The various angles provide interest and movement to your video even when moments are stationary.

  • Additional hours

    If you need additional hours, from our standard packages, we can provide at a reasonable cost.

  • Additional Photographers

    We provide up to 2 photographers for your event depending on your event needs.  Additional photographers are also available.

  • Private Online Gallery With Download

    We provide you with an online private gallery of all your images from your event to share for 1 year.  We also offer download capabilities for 1 year.

  • USB Flash Drive

    We provide a small electronic device containing flash memory that is used for storing data or transferring it to or from a computer, digital camera, etc.  We also offer other media options, like Blue Ray and DVD’s.

  • Post Edit Corrected Photos

    This is a manual process.  Photos may have noise reduction, white balance, exposure or color adjustments made to the image.  This is typically done in batches depending on the light and environment  in which the photos are taken.  Modifications are at the discretion of the Editor and his/her visual interpretation of the photos. 

  • Digital Negatives

    Our goal is to give you all shots taken. Digital Negatives are raw images taken within camera during your event.  They are not edited.

  • Photo Session

    We offer a couples engagement session, boudoir session or bridal dress session.  The session is normally 45 minutes to 1 hour.  This session will be done at clients preferred location.

  • Low Cost Print Packages + Albums

    We offer a wide variety of photo prints in various sizes. Our prints are printed on quality brand name paper with Lustre format for vibrant and rich colors by our professional lab. Ask us about our print packages. We also offer custom photo albums.

Dramatic Edits

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Before After

Add Elements * Add or Enhance Sky

Before After

Remove Blemishes, Soften Skin Tones, Enhance Color

Before After

Black & White 

Before After

Remove Blemishes, Soften Skin Tone, Enhance Color, Add Vignette

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Photography Image Types

Digital Negative Photograph

Raw Photo From Camera

(Actual Results May Vary:  Most Digital Negatives Depending On The Lighting Environment May Not Require Any Adjustments)

Post Edit Corrected Photograph

White Balance, Color Adjustment And Enhanced Exposure

Post Edit Dramatic Photograph

White Balance And Color Adjustment with Enhanced Exposure.  Added Dramatic Flowing Veil. 

Photo Gallery Below

Photography Gallery

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Packages As Low As $999.00